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Barton Perriera

bartonBaron Facesbevel

While Richard focuses on design, keeping up with the cultural zeitgeist, esthetic trends and opportunities for international growth, Rick ensures that all other facets of the business are running smoothly. Neither wants the brand to be the coolest or hottest or most recognizable. Instead they’re committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist esthetic, using truly high-quality materials with Japanese production, and constantly seeking innovation so glasses look, fit, and perform better.

Anne et Valentin

From day one, rather than trying to adapt the customer to a frame,
Anne and Valentin opt for a deeper comprehension of
who their customers are – how they move, live and think –
in order to find, for each, the perfect frame,
dedicated to the customer’s unique personality and particularities.
In those days, such an approach is nothing short of a small revolution.
Valentin manages the optical side of things,
Anne decorates the boutique and the windows,
both of them handle customers, and their smiling faces are game
changers. The shop thrives. But their approach quickly encounters
due to a scarce offer.
There aren’t enough models available, and little choice.
Boredom hovers…
Anne starts drawing their first designs;
they send them to be prototyped in a small workshop.
In 1984, they launch their first collection, soberly named
Anne et Valentin.
And while their creations are original, colorful and lively,
they are, above all, objects that combine
ergonomics, technical requirements,
and respect for those who wear them.

Feb 31st

FEB31st is the idea of entrepreneurs coming from different backgrounds and cultures, who have in common the ambition to create something that never existed before and now everybody can see, combining a solid family tradition in wood processing with the curiosity of an entrepreneurial look to new trends.

These are the words of our creative director Valerio Cometti: “FEB31st is a message of ‘amazing normality’.

At first glance, FEB31st seems a date like all other dates, while in fact it is a paradox, a date that will never come, an impossible day, a ‘nonsense’. By the same token, the personal FEB31st frames, by expressing great kindness and elegance, in fact hide the “folly” of color.

FEB31st is a date that makes us dream, a deadline to look forward to and direct our dreams, with the intention to reach them…… sooner or later.

FEB31st invites us to look ahead and think of a future respectful of Nature and populated by new, lasting objects full of personality, which know how to inspire love for long time, talking about us and our lifestyle.


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 Face a Face

LogoThe right shape helps to improve and to harmonize human relationships. Relying on this statement, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth created Face à Face in 1995. To embellish every days life. To contribute to the personal well-being. To catch the trends of the present time. Such is the Face à Face spirit. The various collections of eyewear and jewellery are designed along the themes of architecture, contemporary design and international fashion. Like subtle little pieces of architecture, Face à Face frames surpass their function and enter into the sculptural dimension of the object. Even further: into the times of presences, encounters, exchanges..gazing into each others eyes.


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Sama Eyewear

“Fashion With A Cause”

Sama Eyewear donates a portion of its annual net profits to the Sam Vance Foundation.




Francis Klein

 Hand-made in France, with creative shapes (cat-eye, oval, boston…) and a wide- range of special colours, Francis Klein frames are famous all around the world. Sensitive fashionable people will find their pleasure in our collection.


oyoboxSee – Choose – Wear

imageZero G

Zero G Titanium refers to “zero gravity” or “weightlessness”. This exclusive collection focuses on classic, modern, and timeless shapes in rich colors and unique patterns. Designed in California and handcrafted in Japan, Zero G is created with style, balance, comfort, and weightlessness in mind. All Zero G frames are hypoallergenic, 40% lighter than stainless-steel, and cut from a single sheet of surgical-grade titanium.


The unique hinge system is designed without screws or solder-points and the spindle is guaranteed not to loosen or fall out – a guarantee unique to Zero G. All frames feature a distinctive embossed “four squares” logo on the temples – representing quality, balance, strength, and simplicity. The Zero G product line is represented by over 45 distinct optical and sunglass styles, each named after a city or area in New York.


JF Rey

The name Jean-François Rey immediately evokes an individual style, a modern design and innovation, which evolve in a universe of constant movement. A creator at the forefront of his profession, influenced by his passion for arts, architecture and high technology.

For his creative team, all environmental elements are a source of inspiration. The story of each model is the subtle choice of colours and combinations of materials, to express the insolence, which is part of each model in the collection.

metal gear jf reyjf-rey-2jf2